Our expertise
formulation - production - conditionning - stocks

Phyteurop offers its customers :

  • Agropharmaceuticals, biostimulants, fertilisers,
  • Biocides, animal health, disease vectors,
  • Gardens

Our development expertise

Our R&D laboratory team adapts to the constraints of your recipes but also offers solutions and develops new formulations.


  • Pilot manufacture
  • Co-formulant equivalence
  • Ageing tests
  • Formulation improvement/optimisation


Our formulation expertise

Our formulations are for third-party customers as well as for ourselves. Our annual production capacity exceeds 22 million kg/l per year on twelve formulation lines.

Phyteurop processes are adapted to its facilities in cooperation with its customers and in compliance with confidentiality agreements :

  • Operating licence
  • Dedicated lines by product family
  • Safety and environment at every step
  • Analyses in compliance with industry standards
  • Cross-contamination prevention

Our packaging expertise

With fifteen lines dedicated to packaging (30 ml to 20,000 l), our facilities allow us to be flexible and to work on all types of packaging for bespoke solutions.

Phyteurop adapts its packaging lines for any type of : 

  • Basic container
  • Combi-packs
  • Labelling
  • Emptying – repackaging
  • Marking (datamatrix, serialisation, etc.)

Our logistics expertise

Our qualified teams strive to meet all your needs by offering you a wide range of logistics services.


We can, at your request, buy and supply co-formulants and packaging components adapted to your recipes.


With over 15,000 slots, Phyteurop has a large storage capacity for raw materials and finished products in the best safety conditions and meeting the regulatory requirements of our customers.


We ship nationwide as well as to over a hundred countries worldwide. Phyteurop can manufacture bonded products (inward processing).


Phyteurop is ISO 9001-certified