About us

Formulation and packaging of liquid products.

Leading stakeholder in European industrial subcontracting.


Cooperation with companies of all sizes active in the following markets :

  • Agriculture,
  • Professional non-crop
  • Agro-chemicals
  • Biostimulant, self-defence and plant nutritio

Work with us

Pilot laboratory

Our R&D Department can develop new formulations thanks to its expertise in plant protection products, trace elements, fertilisers, and adjuvants.


Our production facilities are designed to quickly adapt to any type of formulation or packaging.


Our experienced organisation can adapt.

Our commitments

Connected beehives

The partnership entered into with the Apitech by Ferme Leader network enabled the installation of two connected beehives at our Montreuil Bellay site on a 10,000 m² land lying fallow for melliferous plants provided by Semences de France.

This partnership, linked to the development of the group’s CSR policy, will enable the development and production of forager bees to be monitored for three years and allow our employees to participate in this project.

Designed with a group of member cooperatives, the Apitech by Fermes LEADER network educates participants about the preservation of pollinators and their ecosystem, organising hive activity data reporting by connected sensors (weather station, scales, etc.) while facilitating regular exchanges with beekeepers.

By installing the beehives on our industrial site, we are helping pollinate the area on our scale and promoting biodiversity.

Jachère fleurie sur notre site industriel

A flowering land lying fallow

As part of the INVIVO Group’s CSR objectives, PHYTEUROP Industry created approximately 6,200 m² of flowering land lying fallow around the Montreuil-Bellay (Maine-et-Loire) production site in March. This land lying fallow (sample of Seeds de France varieties) is a reservoir for biodiversity and both illustrates and contributes to the implementation of actions in line with CSR objectives at BIOLINE level while enhancing our industrial site for employees and visitors to enjoy.

Low carbon emissions

An active waste management policy has reduced the packaging activity’s CO2 emissions by over 1,100 tonnes, for example.

Avant toute utilisation, assurez-vous que celle-ci est indispensable. Privilégiez chaque fois que possible les méthodes alternatives et les produits présentant le risque le plus faible pour la santé humaine et animale et pour l’environnement, conformément aux principes de la protection intégrée, consultez http://agriculture.gouv.fr/ecophyto.

PHYTEUROP bénéficie d’un Agrément d’entreprise exerçant une activité de distribution de produits phytopharmaceutiques à des utilisateurs professionnels. 

N° d’agrément IF0175 : distribution de produits phytopharmaceutiques à des utilisateurs professionnels.